The new vegetarian premium class

Meat-free products from Veggie Gourmet – real taste, no compromise.

If you want to reduce the amount of meat you eat without compromising on flavour or the best ingredients, Veggie Gourmet is a tasty alternative that combines authentic taste and high quality.

Real taste.

Veggie Gourmet products are full of flavour, high-quality specialities that make it easy to go without meat and sausage products. For the best ingredients, sophisticated recipes and quick and easy preparation, you need look no further when it comes to a well-balanced and varied diet.

Freshness all round.

The practical and effective aroma protection packaging with window ensures that freshness stays sealed in.

Quality guaranteed.

All our Veggie Gourmet products carry the V label – an internationally protected identification mark for vegetarian and vegan foods. The V label sets down important quality specifications for ingredients and processing agents in vegetarian and vegan products. It prohibits, for example, the use of meat and animal fats, animal-based gelatine or battery eggs.
The processed egg protein used for the vegetarian VEGGIE GOURMET products meets an even higher standard of quality, because it is derived exclusively from free range hens.

All Veggie Gourmet specialities are subject to strict internal and external quality control.

VEGGIE GOURMET is a brand of