The latest manufacturing technologies, highly trained staff and the highest hygiene standards ensure the top quality of our VEGGIE GOURMET products.

All VEGGIE GOURMET products are V-label certified, an international protected trademark for the labelling of vegetarian and vegan food. The V-label meets strict guidelines on ingredients and processing aids:

  • Prohibition of the use of animal flesh (meat, fowl, fish, seafood)
  • Prohibition of the use of ingredients derived from meat or bone-products (in soups, sauces or other preparations)
  • Prohibition of the use of animal fats (except milk fat), frying fat or margarine containing fish-oil or similar products in cakes, pies, pasta, for frying or baking, for greasing baking-traws, tins, or any other manipulation
  • Prohibition of the use of gelatine, aspic, gelling agents of animal origin
  • Prohibition of the use of royal Jelly
  • Prohibition of the use of other products containing ingredients originating from slaughterhouse by-products
  • Prohibition of the use of battery eggs
  • All products declared as GVO (=contains genetically modified organism) are prohibited, too

The processed egg protein used for the vegetarian VEGGIE GOURMET products meets an even higher standard of quality, because it is derived exclusively from free range hens.

Exacting internal and external controls ensure that we are able to guarantee this quality standard at all times. We are also certified according to the International Food Standard (IFS).